Eight weeks into the year!

Here’s what it looked like!

We did fun Valentine’s things early in the week!

Eddie got Emilia neon purple flowers and he got me neon pink flowers. He knows us.

And it was school party day!

Queen of hearts.


Curly baby mullet alert!

My cutest big boy!!

Such an adorable love bug.

We had our tradition of homemade heart pizza! Sorry this will never get old.

A rousing game of rock paper scissors before ice skating lessons.

Special valentines from grandma.

Howwwww is he so old?

Unfortunately my favorite baby girl ended up with pneumonia and an ear infection early in the week.

Sunshine cruise!

Luckily by the end of the week, Emilia was back in business so she could go to a birthday party.

Um, she loved this.

With the bumpers she got four strikes and was SO EXCITED.

She is the best big sister. I don’t know what I will do when she is at school all day next year!

Double best sibling alert! We spent the entire weekend at Max’s hockey tournament.

Love love love watching him play!

One of my fave pics of the weekend.

Watching the big guys play.

My bag of tricks (aka, my diaper bag) weighed about 30 pounds with all the snacks, drinks, diapers, activities and clothes.

Cheer squad!

They were so happy all weekend and really hung in there!

We celebrated my MIL’s birthday!

Jordan got a neon pink monster truck.

And we headed off to another day of hockey.

Watching the zamboni provides endless entertainment.

So.many.snacks. With Rapunzel.

Can never pass up a buffalo chicken salad.

Selfie by Emilia.

Jordan adores her because she is so fun to play with!

And Max’s team made it to the finals and have more games tomorrow!!

We will be back to cheer for the best brother!