tuesday things

1. Making these moon pie bars today!

2. Last week Max asked me how many cookbooks I’d written and how they were in bookstores. Then he said he knew what my next book should be on. “HOTDOGS!”

3. Also, last week he asked me for lunchables. Like the actual lunchable. Never mind that I’ve been making him basically amazing homemade lunchables for three years now for school. Hmmpf.

4. The worst part is that as a kid, I also want lunchables so bad. I thought they looked cool. My mom would never let us get them.

5. Do it before you sit down. This is what I do everyday and is my mentality for productivity! When I sit down… I am done.

6. TV things!! I watched two movies last week – first, somebody that I used to know on prime. It was okay, pretty good.

7. How to clean your kitchen for real.

8. One thing I can never get behind: peanut butter cookies with peanuts in them. Just no.

9. Oh and I actually ordered girl scout cookies this year – caramel delites forever! – and THEY SENT ME THE WRONG BOX! The packing slip said caramel delights but thin mints were inside. Whomp whomp.