1. These almond butter chocolate chip cookies… love!

2. I really wish someone would invent a bed where the sheet is permanently attached to the bottom of the bed so my husband would stop ripping it out from under the mattress.

3. The historic american girl dolls are hysterical. 1999. Historical.

4. We are obsessed with humidifiers in this house – we’ve all slept with one in our bedrooms for nearly four years now and I swear it makes a huge difference. I mean, this definitely makes me sound old. But! I’m verrrry intrigued by the Canopy humidifier. Have you tried it?

5. TV things!! That last episode of 1923… ah! We also are obsessed with Full Swing on Netflix and we’re all caught up on Shrinking! It’s so good.

6. What to do if you have cleaning burnout at home.

7. And I love this mindfulness practice for when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

8. I’ve been recipe testing to 2008 Mariah Carey lately and let’s just say that the lyrics that come up on my alexa device… wow have I been singing them wrong for 15 years.