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March Favorites.

A peek at everything I loved in March 2023! 


My sticky salmon bowls. I can’t even tell you how many times I have made this. The salmon is fantastic.

LMNT Packets. Okay I’m obsessed. You guys tried to get me on the LMNT train when I was pregnant and talking about Liquid IV. I liked it, but with weird pregnancy tastes it wasn’t something I could choke down often. Now though? I LOVE them. I love the watermelon, citrus and raw. I drink one almost every morning, first thing. I feel so much more energy and better than just consuming coffee.

Favorite Day S’mores Ice Cream. I’m not a huge ice cream person but this was an impulse purchase. It is DELICIOUS. Run. Go get it now!


The Sourdough Home. This is the best invention ever. Remember the beauty fridges that blew up a few years ago? Well who knew we needed a SOURDOUGH fridge. I bought this the minute I saw it on instagram and it is a game changer for my sourdough starter. My house is way too cold (in both summer and winter) for my starter to work properly and I’ve struggled with it since 2020. This is life changing for me.

OXO Grape Cutter. WHERE has this been all my life. I’ve been cutting grapes for eight years and thought this was a cop out but oh wow… it is worth it. Also, Max and Emilia can both use it – once they learned to stay away from the sharp part. It’s just so quick and efficient and we love grapes in this house.

Bag Cleaning Balls. Considering I just wrote about finding cheerios in my pocket, I need these in EVERY bag. I love for my diaper bag, tote bag, some of the kids sport bags, etc.

Salad Chopping Tongs. I’ve talked about the bowl and salad chopper before that I like. Well this is a whole new ballgame. These are so much easier to use, work in any bowl, and sort of toss the salad as it chops too. Love them. I live for a chopped salad!


Skinceuticals Physical Defense SPF 50. I’ve talked about this for years and it’s one of my favorite everyday tinted sunscreens. I’ve been testing a few different ones to make sure they work under the makeup I like and this one still wins. It’s great under makeup or just on its own.

Erborian CC Red Correct. This was a tiktok find but it’s SO good. The best color corrector I’ve found (I like it more than Dr Jart) – and it’s subtle but works.

Makeup Brush Holder. Love love love this silicone brush holder. It doesn’t fit my biggest powder brush when the rest of my brushes are in it, but it fits everything else and it’s great. I also have the beauty blender holder too. I just keep them in my makeup bag but they would be great for travel.

Clear Crossbody Bag. This is what it is. It’s kind of trash. I took off the chain strap and put on a fabric one. But if you need a clear bag for a concert or an event (like disney on ice!), I love that it’s crossbody, the right size and holds enough. A small thing of wipes, 1 diaper, my card case, phone, a lipgloss. Done!


Universal Threads Basket Tote. This looks so so close to the loewe basket tote that has made the rounds for the last few years – and at a fraction of the price. I love it! And even better – it’s such a nice size, it’s structured and the most important – it’s LINED!! The designer ones are not lined – the inside is the basket weave too, so it can scratch or catch on things. I absolutely love this one!! I don’t mind spending money on a bag, but when it’s raffia or something similar, it gets destroyed so quickly. This is a great match for that.

Gorjana bar studs. I’ve been on a mission to find comfortable delicate earrings for my second and third piercings in my ears, but ones that don’t break the bank too. I’ve found plenty online that are $400-500 for a single earring (not even the pair!) and the other tricky thing is that I want to make sure it’s gold so my ears don’t get infected, which is what happened to my second piercing before. I love these diamond bar studs. They are so tiny and pretty, and while they are still on the pricier side, they are much lower than most of what I’ve found that is similar. And that’s for a pair. I love the gorjana brand!

Stoney Clover Nylon Fanny Pack. I cannot be without a fanny pack that I wear as a sling – and it has to be big one. I’ve used the MZ Wallace one for over two years now, but it does get heavy and hot in the summer if you’re outside. I have this nylon one and it’s not only super lightweight, it’s also really easy to clean and wipeable. I like to be able to fit an entire pack of wipes and plastic water bottle in my bag if needed. I don’t have any of the patches on mine, but that’s always an option if you’re into it. I love all the bright colors you can get, but also really love the black, sand and white colors for neutrals!


Pineapple Street. Best book I have read in March! More to come in my book recap for the month.

Everyday Grand. If you haven’t bought Jocelyn’s newest cookbook, you must get your hands on it. Not only does it have incredible recipes, but it is full of joy and celebration, with affirmations and reasons to make a day special. I adore it! I have over half the book tabbed with things I want to make!


Yoto Mini. This is a repeat favorite but I can’t even express how much we love this. I wish I would have got one for Emilia two years ago. If you are debating it, this is totally worth it. Also, I got her the kids bopz cards and she definitely hangs out in her bed singing “call me maybe.” I cannot!

1001 Things To Spot in the Sea. Another version of our favorite book. The kids love these and stay entertained with them for a long while.

Kidnoculars. Going in some easter baskets this year, we have one of these for each kid and they love them. They’ve been obsessed with binoculars for years!

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]

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    10 Comments on “March Favorites.”

  1. Hi – I noticed your comment about gold earrings because you do not want infections. Have you tried titanium before? I have very sensitive ears and titanium is very good at being non-allergenic and they are super light. I have been buying from CraftLikeAnArtist on Etsy for years and they are the best earrings! The way the hoops are designed you can wear overnight and nothing pokes into you.

    • i am going to try these!! thank you!!

  2. Oh shoot, I need to talk myself out of that sourdough home! I am only a few months into my sourdough making journey but this seems like it would be so helpful.

  3. literally picked up Pineapple Street today & started it on my lunch break I’m excited as so many people have loved it

    had to laugh about the clear crossbody bags- necessary evil. i’ve had one for sporting events also…

  4. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. I loved Pineapple Street easily the best book I’ve read this year! 

    EveryDayReading has a post on how to make your own Yoto cards if that’s something you’re interested in! 

    My favorite crossbody/Fanny pack is the lululemon one!  Easily fits keys, work and personal phone, id case and AirPods  and perfect for venues 

  6. I’ve just ordered a pair of tiny diamond studs from Porter Lyons, so I can’t speak to longevity, but they sell internally threaded gold earrings with flat backs… they’re intended to be earrings you can put in and forget about! They’re a little spendy, but I’m constantly losing butterfly backs, so I think these will be amazing.

  7. Do you recommend the Yoto Player or the Tonie Box more? I think you have both? Or do they do different things? I’m curious about getting one for my 18 month old, but I’m not sure which.

    • definitely the tonie!! it’s the best for under 3 i’d say. they can work it themselves and it’s fun with the characters. yoto mini is great for over 3!

  8. I loved this. Already ordered some of those cool bag cleaners. Gonna put them in all my elementary kiddos backpacks!

    Pineapple Street is on my too read list, on hold at the library. Can’t wait!