Tuesday things

1. This hidden rainbow cake will forever be one of my favorite things.

2. These extra hours of daylight and giving me life even if I’m the most tired I’ve ever been.

3. Best idea ever: a reverse grocery list.

4. Also, hello pittsburgh salad! We do this all the time.

5. Max showed me a photo of an anaconda so I dreamed about that last that and that was just great. May never sleep again.

6. Have you seen this crispy cheese pickle thing? I may need to try that.

7. TV things!! I loved the ending of sex/life even though it seemed a little rushed. I can’t even bring myself to watch Grey’s because I am so.bored.with.it.

8. A few of my oscar favorite dresses: Nicole Kidman, Angela Basset (that purple omg), Kate Hudson after party!

9. How clutter affects our health. Wowza.