tuesday things

1. I want to make these rainbow lucky charms marshmallow cookies!

2. One thing I don’t need to hear again: “what is the leprechaun going to bring us?” Who started this!!!!!

3. 100 simple ways to immediately improve your life. LOVE.

4. As if I needed to feel more like a mom, last week while out I reached my hand into my coat pocket and was greeted with a handful of cheerios.

5. TV things!! I’m through Daisy and the Six and LOVE it. More than I thought I would, even though I loved the book. Still loving Shrinking.

6. 15 popular home remedies and if they actually work!

7. What is one thing you used to love but don’t really buy anymore? Mine is candles. I still love candles but so rarely burn them because all my scent preferences have changed through pregnancies. It’s crazy.

8. Going to try this method to keep fruit flies away.