Happy Easter!!

Oh how I love these little munchkins. They make every holiday so so fun.

We did lots of egg decorating this week. The eggmazing is a huge hit in our house.

Fun at the park!

This was our date night at hockey. Ha.

We had the rainiest days ever.

Made my cool whip dyed eggs!

We also went to see the new super mario bros movie with friends!! Jordan LOVED sitting through it.

The kids had so much fun!

Then we decorated more eggs.

The kids are pros.

Jordy was into it too!


Max decorated most of his eggmazing eggs different country flags.

The key to getting colors this deep is to leave them in the dye… forever. Like an hour.

So fun!

Both tball and baseball started this week for Max and Emilia! Eddie helps coach so he always takes Max, and I always take Emilia. Again, something that’s at the same time for both kids. Whomp whomp.

More hockey practice too!!

These two and I went to a birthday party yesterday.

How cute is this?!

Jordan loves a bahhh-yooon.

And then we got ready for the bunny.

Almond torte.

Super cute micah made cookies.

Matching morning PJs!! Jordan LOVES babies and dolls, so he got this doll that is actually named Jordan! Couldn’t pass it up once I saw the box.

Verrrrry excited.

And we had creme brulee french toast.

Barefoot Easter photo shoot before the morning started!

My dream girl.

The OG BFF’s.

Then we hung out the rest of the day and watched the Masters!

Ate chick cookies…

And built lots of legos. Now for a new week!