What a week!!

My favorite little explorers.

Our weather is so weird. 85 one day, 35 the next!

She puts these on and has legit conversations with me.

Doesn’t he look like a little turtle in his shell?

These babies are my favorite.


This outfit is from last summer and I’m so glad it fits because it’s one of my faves.

Found on my phone tonight. Nice.

Testing some sprinkle cookies.

And then guess what!! My brother and SIL had their first baby!! LOOK AT HER!! Her name is Lucy Catherine.

Emilia had her first tball game.

Tball might just be… the most boring thing ever. Am I right?

Jordy looking like a little old man.

Max has his first game next weekend.

We went and saw our school play!

And I got to snuggle my new niece.

I made my lactation cookies for my SIL and they are just the best cookies ever. Over 5000 5-star reviews.

Max and I went back and had a little mama-max night to see the school play again.

Jordan is still obsessed with his boots. Do you guys remember when Emilia was?!

We built lots of legos. Emilia is such a pro now!

Max got a haircut.

And he made Jordan laugh hysterically for at least 30 minutes.

We did some rainbow loom bracelets.

And I went back for more baby snugs!! Look at the smile!

Bath time is his fave.

And we’re ready for a new week!