tuesday things

1. What food season are you most looking forward to? For me, it’s strawberry! It’s not quite here yet locally but I’m getting good ones from other parts of the country.

2. Persian love scones. I want these!

3. I live for a kitchen junk drawer. Here’s how to refresh it.

4. Trying to perfect the ultimate yellow cake sprinkle cookie without cake mix. I’ve tried a million recipes and don’t like any so I have to make my own.

5. Every year around this time I get all of my kid essentials for the car and our must-haves for summer. I’m thinking of doing a little post on it!

6. 19 ways to make quiet in your day.

7. TV things!! I started The Diplomat and love it. I finished Love Is Blind which is just wild. Also still loving The Last Thing He Told Me. And I watched the Whitney movie!!

8. I adore this story about playing hooky and baking a cake.