It’s been the best Mother’s Day with my favorite little munchkins!

I adore this pic of them from this morning.

It’s peony season!

This little babe got the game ball at her game last week. My favorite girl ever.

And can I just say how much I love my little book worm? Even if he did read during her game.

This one just snacks!

I made these caramelized onion and kale omelets one day last week. OMG yum.

A few little off season hockey sessions.

I can’t handle them.


We had a lovely little weekend.

How gorgeous?!

And Mother’s Day was all about baseball today.

But first, Jordan walking to give me this gift.

I mean… !

Such a proud little bug.

It’s so fun watching Max play right now!

And it was a hot one.


Emilia is the best. Reapplying Jordan’s sunscreen like the best helper she is.

Veggie straw face.

More beauts.

And that’s a wrap on the week! xo