tuesday things

1. Oh how I love a month that starts on a monday!

2. This gorgeous fruit board has me so excited for summer.

3. Do you ever crave something odd from your childhood? Last week I really wanted to eat grape nuts of all things. My parents would buy them and I actually kind of liked them even though they tasted like cardboard. So last week I bought some! Spoiler alert: still the same. But I must be old now because I kind of liked them.

4. Just a reminder on how much I adore the ink and volt notepads!

5. Also, what is your favorite pen?

6. TV Things! Ummm I started the new Fatal Attraction series! Hello Pacey.

7. Also I should 100% stop calling him Pacey.

8. Would you choose taylor swift tickets or a free year of pizza? I’d go with pizza, even though I do love TSwift.

9. Thinking about my old AOL screen name gives me so much secondhand embarrassment I can hardly stand it.

10. Obsessed with Viola Davis’ met gala dress! And Mindy Kaling. And Emily Blunt! And Halle Bailey!