tuesday things

1. Why must I have so many favorites? Favorites upon favorites of things in every category! This plagues me. And it very much annoys Eddie.

2. This strawberry lemon tart is stunning.

3. What’s one thing on your summer bucket list?

4. I can’t get over Martha Stewart on the Sports Illustrated cover. I adore her!

5. Just started listening to Tom Hanks’ new book! Have you read it yet? He narrates it so I knew I had to listen.

6. TV things!! Nothing new over here, still watching Fatal Attraction, The Last Thing He Told Me and Succession when Eddie does. Fun!

7. We had a super rainy Saturday morning and Max and Emilia watched Hook for the first time! It was one of mine and my brothers’ favorites growing up. Such a great cast. Max loved it.

8. How to recenter yourself. Absolutely love this.

9. Only a few more weeks until summer fridays posts start up over here! I can’t wait.