tuesday things

1. This past weekend I set up a s’mores station that also houses our ice cream cones and waffle bowls. Hello, ready for summer!

2. Love this! Padma’s guide to stress-free dinner parties.

3. I don’t have many gray hairs but I have one single gray eyebrow hair. Like what!

4. I’m officially in my Jonas Brothers era. I was never really into them because they were younger than me and got big when I was in college. But right now I am obsessed with their newest album and have had it on repeat. It is SO GOOD.

5. TV THINGS!! Loved the ending of The Last Thing He Told Me, I thought it stayed so close to the book! Also did a rewatch of The Summer I Turned Pretty since it was such a huge favorite last year.

6. Embracing the NO! I’ve said no more the last two years of my life than ever before and holy cow, it’s amazing.

7. I’m all about joy snacking.

8. My summer reading list is coming this week! Eeeeeep!