tuesday things

1. Max and I had so much fun watching the national spelling bee last week! I was so anxious for all those incredible kids. Max is eagerly awaiting a geography bee that he can participate in.

2. Craving this strawberry banana bread! Oh yum.

3. Current favorite way to grill buffalo chicken: marinate it in a mixture of blue cheese dressing (just a good bottled version) and some wing sauce. Oh my WORD is it delicious.

4. This kind of walk is more than a workout.

5. TV things!! I started watching Platonic on apple TV. It is so funny, classic Seth Rogen, and also in a way of isn’t-he-too-old-for-this? But also, that’s the point.

6. Multitasking is making you worse at everything.

7. When Jordan wakes up instead of just calling for me from the crib, he also calls for Emilia and Max. It’s so cute! Sometimes he wakes up and instantly just starts calling for Emilia to come get him. This age gap is my favorite thing.

This “correct” way to eat a cinnamon roll is comical.