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I read so many wonderful books this month! Lots of my favorite authors have released their summer books and it makes me so happy. You can find my full summer reading list here.

What did you read in May?

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The True Love Experiment – 5 stars

Can’t even handle HOW MUCH I loved this one. I wasn’t expecting to! The story follows a romance author who ends up as the star on a reality TV show. She falls for the producer and the story plays out from there. I have zero interest in reading bachelor-like stories but this was so, so good! And it was a spinoff of The Soulmate Equation from last year. You don’t have to have read the first one though.

Meet Me At The Lake – 4.5 stars

Love this one too! I was excited to read this after loving Every Summer After last year. This story takes place at a dirty dancing type resort (fun!) on a lake and follows the story of a man and woman who spent just 24 hours together a decade ago. Then they come back in contact with each other and we deal with the fallout from that and where to go from there. It’s really good and I also liked these characters a lot.

Yours Truly – 4.5 stars

Another excellent one by Abby Jimenez!! One of my favorite authors. This story follows a woman who is having a life meltdown moment (divorce, sick family, job drama) and ends up getting verrrry close to her so-called “enemy.” A good enemy-to-lovers trope and it’s such a great read! The characters are amazing and I love how REAL these books are.

Practice Makes Perfect – 3.5 stars

This was a super cute read. It felt a little young at times (it may actually be YA?) but I still enjoyed the story. This is the follow up to another book, but it does stand alone and you don’t have to read the previous one (I didn’t!). In this we have a hot bodyguard who agrees to “teach” his client’s future SIL how to date. It was cute and pretty fast paced and charming – also makes me want to own a flower shop.

The Boyfriend Candidate – 4.5 stars

This was sooooo good. Oh my gosh, I loved the characters (all of them!) and the story was so fun to follow – it gave me a few West Wing vibes. This story is about a man running for governor – he is not the most polished – and his run in with a woman who is still struggling to get over her last relationship. We have the whole fake dating trope which I love and I thought the ending was great,

Tell Me Everything

This was SO GOOD. I love Minka Kelly from many shows/movies (FNL forever!) and listened to this on audible because she narrates it. I was stunned at the start of this story as I didn’t really know anything about her. It is so honest and heartbreaking at times – her upbringing was very challenging and the way she deals with it is incredible. Def recommend this one.

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