tuesday things

1. As a mom, I have so many bags going at once. I still have a diaper bag (hello 6 year age gap), I always have a tote ready to go that can hold kids stuff when I don’t need the full diaper bag. But then I also always have sling/crossbody half full when I don’t need a larger tote. And then I usually have a nice-ish bag also half full to grab if I’m going somewhere without the kids. This is my life.

2. These sourdough biscuits are calling my name.

3. Why is there no better feeling than wearing new socks?

4. Okay I am very into this idea of grating frozen fruit. Wow.

5. Speaking of snacks, my current favorite yogurt snack is plain greek yogurt, banana, a drizzle of peanut butter and maybe a sprinkle of chocolate chips. For extra crunch I’ll add a sprinkle of grape nuts because 1. I am now 88 years old but also 2. it makes it SO CRUNCHY it’s crazy.

6. TV things. Caught up on The Idol (it’s crazy), started the next season of The Bear, still watching Platonic. What are you watching?!

7. The daily laundry habit secret.

8. What are you reading right now? I love kindle unlimited and ended up downloading three new books last night!