Finished out another week at our favorite place!!

We’re home now but here’s what this week looked like.

My dad made the kids blueberry pancakes almost every morning.

Mini golf for the win.

Spent some time at Bay Harbor.

I want to plant hydrangeas like this at our new house!

Late little evening on the beach.

Which led to s’mores!

They are the best.

Emilia and Jordan watching Frozen one morning. I cannot!

Walking to breakfast while the guys golfed.

All the girls + Jordy.

These babies though!

Max loved golfing.

Lots more beach time.

Jordan ate so much sand I can’t even think about it. He would snack with sandy hands and there was no stopping it. Ugh.

Brown butter lemon whitefish on the beach!

And ice cream, of course.

Kilwins chocolate peanut butter has been my favorite flavor my entire life.

We didn’t even get our of our swimsuits for this!


Lots of fishing too!

The kids love it.

Our weather was amazing!! No rain at all, just a hazy gray day.

Can’t beat the gorgeousness.

These crepes are outstanding. Egg, swiss, caramelized onion, spinach.

Jordan also loves it.

Spent some time in Charlevoix.

It was so windy!

The color of this water is everything.

Max and Eddie played a lot of baseball too.

The sunsets weren’t the best this year, but still gorgeous.

Iced vanilla latte.

How is this my baby?!

And I have no idea where Emilia learned to pose.

I love the lake first thing int he morning.

Funny boy.

We had a few days of 8 hours on the beach. 8 hours!! Haven’t done that since I was a kid.

The kids could play forever in the sand and water.

Snacks all day.

He loves the water.

He would run right in and swim!

Cutest floater ever.

I am always so sad to leave this place. It’s the only other place I want to live!!

Then we headed home.

First on the agenda: marinated local tomatoes with feta.

Baby blues all around.

Church festival season is coming to an end here.

But we still have a few weeks of summer left!