How are we half way through September already?!

Our week was great, just filled with school, lots of kids’ activities and regular life!

Foggy mornings going to school – this is one of our favorite trees to watch in the fall.

After school snack plates!

The littlest baby boy.

Emilia started her theater class back up again this week! Oh my gosh, she LOVES it. And she chose this dress to wear. She is a dream!

Cross country practice!

Always with a smile.

Golden girl.

Cookie dough in the fridge, always.

She spent 20 minutes in bed drawing this and was so proud.

Then the kids had another cross country meet today!!

It rained almost the entire time.

They are so fun to watch!

Smiley girl.

The ending this week was all fun, compared to last week.

And that’s a wrap! How is this my life now? All kids stuff, all the time. I love it.