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September Favorites.

september favorites

A peek at everything I loved in September 2023! 


ALDI pumpkin spice loaf cake. This might be the best pumpkin bread I’ve ever tried. It is incredible.

Favorite Day pumpkin cheesecake ice cream. Enough said! Can you tell I’m on a pumpkin kick?

My honeycrisp harvest salad. Every year in September I lose my mind over HOW GOOD this salad is that I first created so many years ago.


Hulken Rolling Totes. I could shout from the rooftops how much I adore these totes. I use them for just about everything – they are super easy and light to use too. The kids used them when we dropped off their school supplies and they love them too.

Handheld steam iron. This has changed my life. I hate ironing, I don’t have time and totally still give my mom the one off item to iron if needed (she loves ironing!). This handheld iron/steamer has been a life saver for Emilia’s uniform skirts!

Lightweight gold step stool.


Urban Decay Space Cowboy Eyeshadow. This kills me because I wore this eyeshadow in COLLEGE and then last year it was a huge tiktok trend. But I love it for a one and done look. And it doesn’t transfer to the face at all.

Laneige Glowy Balm in Peppermint. My fave lip gloss was just released in a limited edition peppermint. I grabbed two and love it!

Dazzle Dry Nail Polish in Vigor. My favorite color green! I have got everything in this shade this year. And I love this!


Amazon Open Cardigan. This cardigan is so nicely structured and sharp. I love it. Also love all the colors. I have the blue-ish/gray one.

Free People Jayde Flare Jeans. These also make me feel like I’m back in college. I got the short version and I really love them – they are SO high-waisted, which is awesome. And they are so comfortable!

Air Essentials Crewneck. My favorite crewneck of all time. This material cannot be beat. And it wears and hangs so nicely.

Free People fleece. This is the softest fleece that is incredibly warm but feels somewhat lightweight at the same time. I want it in every color!


Idina Menzel Drama Queen album. This album is SOOOO good – I absolutely love it. I listen to it daily! So energizing.

Things We Left Behind. I can’t believe I’m mentioning this book because I slammed the first two, but I actually loved this one the most!


Mondo Llama Halloween crafts. I talk about these all the time but they are my kids’ favorite crafts. They buy us at least an hour or two. And they are fun to display once they are done! The ones this year are bigger than last year.

Investigator Books. Max’s favorite books of all time – and they just released a new one this week. He rereads the old ones almost every single week.

Duplo base plates. These are amazing for Jordan for building!! Max has some for smaller legos, but these duplo ones are just as awesome.

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]

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    2 Comments on “September Favorites.”

  1. I wore that eye shadow in middle school! I think it was my first foray–with Hard Candy, remember them?! –into real makeup and Sephora, which had just opened. Thanks for that flashback!

  2. I enjoy most of Lucy Score’s books but there was something extra special and full of heart with Things We Left Behind. The first two were fine but this one really got me in the feels.