tuesday things

1. Dying over these chocolate monster cookies!

2. Have you seen the videos going around IG and Tiktok about how when millennials went out in high school/college we always had to wear heels? I saw someone wear sneakers to homecoming the other day and just about died. What did we suffer through the worst footwear ever? Where were all the comfy sneakers?!

3. We should note that I am unfortunately still pro-slightly uncomfortable heels if they include rainbow or sparkles. Like the forever five year old I am.

4. Also, were you team N*SYNC or backstreet boys? I was BSB all the way. I never even really liked N*SYNC! Except for Justin.

5. Structured procrastination is my life.

6. TV things!! The end of Virgin River… it was okay. Are they really reaching for that storyline? Ha.

7. The ALDI pumpkin sliced loaf cake is so incredibly good. I don’t even want to tell you how quickly our family of five took that down.

8. Please tell me why I want to put a backpack on my water bottle!