tuesday things

1. My worst nightmare is waking up late. I had an actual nightmare last night that I woke up hours late and it haunted me all day.

2. How to be intentional about your day.

3. It’s officially puffer vest season and that is my favorite season. I will live in a puffer vest for the next six months, age me all you want! I’ve had one from gap since high school, one from athleta that I adore, but my current favorite is this holographic purple one. LOVE.

4. Last week Max told me that he saw “an old drink dispenser from the 2000s.” Oh my god.

5. 10 ways to prevent clutter.

6. TV things!! Oooooh The Morning Show. I love that it’s back. Also have been watching Southern Charm! Kind of a fun trainwreck.

7. Emilia calls things “soury” and it’s my new favorite word. As in, the lemon was too “soury.” She tried lime sherbet and it was soury. She isn’t wrong!

8. How to create when you feel overwhelmed. Love this.

9. The kids are already asking to listen to christmas music and I’m here for it! In their defense, Emilia is working on songs for her christmas show and I think they’ve also started singing some in music class to prepare for a holiday concert. But I mean, who needs an excuse!