This week!!!

Hard to believe it’s October.

I did my first simmer pot of the year.

I live for the outfits Emilia picks out. This is what she wore to theater!

We also had school open house. Sparkles forever!

He adores her.

Our favorite tree!

Made a batch of my pumpkin cheesecake oatmeal this week and it’s just soooo good.

Park fun!

My mom and I had a show this week so arancini was first.

We saw Moulin Rouge and it was INCREDIBLE.

Baby butts in the air are the cutest!

And it was the first official hockey weekend!!!

Max’s biggest fans.

I need her to dress me.

I’d so much rather be watching hockey than baseball. Love this.


Jordan swung his way around the bleachers.

Shopping adventures in Target.

Makeup and nails!

Max is super in trading cards right now. Baseball, hockey, football, etc!

We went to the sweetest little pumpkin Sebastian’s baptism.

I mean can you even take this perfect baby?!?

And then we made it to another cross country meet!

I love watching them so much. It was so hot, I don’t know how they did it! And there were so many bees. Where is my October weather?!

Home in PJs for the night! I hate anything with bats but how could I resist neon Halloween PJs?!