Finalllllllly feeling like fall around here!

It went from 85 degrees to the 50s here and I have to say I’m loving it.

Favorite tree!

Park lunch!

All the oranges.

The fridges of my dreams. We might be moving THIS WEEK. Eeeeep. Feels like our house is in shambles at the moment.

During hockey lessons we hang out.

Dressed herself, btw.

This cutie loves to run the bleachers. Freedom!

Jordan will sit at this table and play with Emilia for at least an hour. She has so much patience with him.

But then mid-week he made himself “a couch bed” and I could tell he didn’t feel well. We’re on our first ear infection of the year. He rebounded by this weekend!

Today we had our last cross country meet of the year.

This has been the best sport ever. So heart warming and positive and uplifting!

Sibling cheers!

She did the best she’s done so far!

And this boy had a freaking hockey game at 10:30 and still came to run his race! Best time too!!! Look at that finish line sprint.

I love that she is crossing with a huge smile. My girl!

And how does Max look like a teenager?! He did SO well. He is super into sports right now (loves them ALL! wants to play them ALL!) and this has been such a fun season.

I wish October lasted forever!