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2023 Gift Guide for Him!

My 2023 men’s gift guide is here! All of my favorite things to gift Eddie or the guys in my life – and of course so many items that I would love too! This list is versatile and so good!

Everything I’m loving this year for my 2023 men’s gift guide – and everything Eddie is loving too! This is a mix of what I’ve bought him in the past and what he is getting this year. So much to love! Of course these gifts can be for anyone (I want many things on the list below!), but I know all the guys in my life would loooove this stuff! And they are always just so hard to buy for. There are also some great ideas in my gift guide under $25.


Moonlit pajamas. These are my absolute favorites and now they have them for men!! I can’t even handle it.

Jersey knit pajamas. The eberjey ones are also excellent – especially if you don’t want the buttons down the front.

Aura Photo Frame. I gifted this six times in 2021 – it is incredible. I gave it to Eddie for Father’s Day and he has it at work. You upload pics to the app and they appear on the frame – multiple people can do it so it’s great for grandparents too!

Long charging cord. We have about a million of these. Always needed.

Whoop fitness tracker. I got this for Eddie last year and he LOVES it. He has worn it all year. He loves getting different bands too.

Cashmere hooded sweater. I always look for a nice higher end sweater for him. This one is such a great option.

Matchbook prints. Adore these. I got a few for our new house!

Shiatsu Back Massager. We have had this for years and people fight over it in our house. It is the most relaxing thing ever.

Shiatsu Neck Massager Pillow. This is such a good one too – it’s more of a pillow version that doesn’t wrap.

Thymes fraiser fir candle. This smells exactly like the perfect christmas tree.

Couples Split Sheet Set. I’ve joked about Eddie’s sleep habits for years and stealing the covers. This is GENIUS.

Engraved Tape Measure. A bit cliche, but very useful and practical.

Lake topography art. Eddie and I love these. We always see them when we’re on vacation in Michigan.

Mini Power Scrubber. This is most gratifying cleaning tool ever.

Yeti Rambler Mug. A classic favorite that everyone adores.

Microfiber robe. This looks like the softest thing ever. I love the plaid.

Rechargeable Hand Warmers. This is the best idea for someone out in the cold often!

Bluetooth Shower Speaker. Everyone would love one of these.

Slim card case. This super slim case is the best pick this year.

On Cloudnova sneakers. These are my favorite On’s for casual wear! In both men and women’s styles.

Kiehls moisturizer. I love putting skincare in Eddie’s stocking. I do a mix of singles and sets.

Kiehls skincare set. Like this one! The sets are great to try new things and break apart.

Fleur de sel. Just bought this up! Sign me up for an edible gift that everyone can use.

NHL puck coaster set. For the hockey lovers. That’s us.

Acupressure Mat. This is one of the best purchases of 2021 I made. It is so relaxing and really a game changer if you’re stressed out.

Trigger Point Back Rocker. On the same note as the above, this is our next purchase.

Flat cast iron pan. I ordered this pan because it looks so EASY to use. That’s the name of the game here if Eddie is cooking.

Shinola desk calendar. Love this desk calendar. Elevates the desk so much.

Watch roll. This travel watch roll is excellent.

Philips automatic coffee machine. For the coffee and espresso lovers! This is just as good as the super high end ones. I love it.

College football game day bingo. This can be customized to your favorite team. So fun.

Wool & cashmere scarf. Can’t go wrong with a scarf. Again, this print is my fave!

Half zip cashmere sweater.  The nordstrom quarter zip pullovers are amazing quality for the price. Eddie wears these all the time to work.

Self Watering Indoor Garden. This self watering option is so good and you can have herbs all winter long. We love ours!

Carbon Fiber Money Clip. I love how sleek this is.

Shinola Playing Cards. I love this set. So classy!

Yeti Soft Cooler. One of our best purchases ever. We use our yeti cooler a ton.

Star Wars Stance socks. Stance socks are the best. They are so

Checkered throw blanket. Everyone fights over these in our house.

Spice Rub Library. I love getting Eddie one of these every few years. He uses it to make his lunches – whether it’s chicken or vegetables, etc.

Watch box Organizer. I got Eddie one last year and he loved it.

Zoom Mute Button. OBSESSED with this. We all need it.

Ergonomic eye mask. This is on both of our lists this year.

Bocce ball set. A frivolous yet sharp version of a fan favorite!

Magnetic BBQ Lights. I ordered these this year for gifts. They are so versatile and can be used almost everywhere!

Heated neck wrap. Everyone needs one.

BEIS carry on suitcase. I got Eddie a tumi suitcase 10 years ago. We just bought a BEIS for Max, and the quality is incredible.

Convertible laptop bag/backpack. Love that this can be a crossbody or backpack bag!

Bondi 8 running shoes. These are the running shoes Eddie uses on both the treadmill and outdoors.

Ooni Pizza Oven. I got Eddie out first ooni years ago for his birthday. It’s easy to use, clean up, and a fun experience to make pizza together.

Splatter Screen. A MUST for every kitchen!

Reserve Black Greenpan Set. My favorite pans in the coolest black.

Carhart beanie. This is a timeless classic.

Vuori performance joggers. These are so comfortable and soft. I got them for Eddie for his birthday and he loves them.

Ember smart mug. This will forever be something I love. Keeps drinks warm!!

Ugg chukka boot. I have bought these for Eddie twice in the last 15 years or so – they are so comfortable, so warm and I love how they look.

Ugg scuff slipper. And the slippers too! They are the best.

Watch deck display case. Another option for the watch lover. The storage is incredible.

Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum. This handheld vac is the BEST. We have it and love it.

Grill Mat Set. Everyone raves about these grill mats.

Solostove Bonfire Pit. I got one of these for my Dad. We love it!

Solostove Tabletop Pit. This is awesome for small spaces too.

Wunder Puff vest. The lulu vests are the best ones out there. I love both men and women’s version. So warm, puffy but not gigantic.

Higher Dose PEMF mat. I saved a favorite for last. The higher dose mats are expensive, but we both use this PEMF mat every single day. It is more than worth it for us. A great addition to a gym.

[This is not a sponsored post and any of the above items that I own were purchased by me or gifted by friends/family! There are a few general affiliate links above. Thank you for reading! xo]

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    6 Comments on “2023 Gift Guide for Him!”

  1. I love all of your lists. Thank you for all the great ideas. Can you please check the link for the convertible laptop bag / backpack? I’m very intrigued by this and the link is going to the shoes listed below. Thank you! 

    • thank you!!! sorry sometimes theses links get wonky when there are so many!

      • I can only imagine! Thanks a lot for fixing! That looks great, I want one for myself!

  2. nice ideas, thanks for sharing

  3. This is a great round up- husbands are the hardest to shop for! Thanks for the links-

  4. As we wrap up another “gift guide” season I have to thank you for being the best “list” maker in the blogger-sphere.  I love that you clearly label each item and a brief explanation of why someone might love it.  It’s honest and the wide range makes, this one in particular, perfect for husbands, dads, adult sons/nephews. 

    Thank you!