I can’t believe we are at the end of the Thanksgiving weekend!

So much to be grateful for this week!

This little nugget. On the nugget.

I made a few batches of chex mix to kick the week off. I knew it would last until Thanksgiving weekend.

And prepped some cookie dough for one of the desserts.

I don’t like hot coffee unless it looks like this.

Thanksgiving break lunch date!

Bubble christening!

These babies.

Max and I baked these late Wednesday night.

My SIL made my chocolate pecan pie bars!

I really struggled with the table this year! We don’t have a dining room in our new house. I was very sad about no dining room all weekend, even though Thanksgiving is literally the only day I ever use it. Even other holidays and birthdays are more casual.

Mashed potatoes post ricing.


I roasted a turkey and smoked a turkey! Our favorite tradition.

Kids table for the win.


How sweet is my little lovechunk niece! It was so wonderful that my brother got to be here after everything he went through last week.

Max had a Thanksgiving hockey tournament. We had so much fun!!

Emilia got hot chocolate the first night before. I tasted it – wow, starbucks hot chocolate is garbage.

We love hockey!!

She was very thrilled that the kona ice truck was at the tournament all weekend.

Then she promptly dropped the entire thing on the ground.

Max played soooo well all weekend.

MVP puck!

Emilia also had her first voice recital!

People pay for this hair color, right?! It’s so pretty.

She did SO well. It was all christmas songs and so sweet.

Sparkle girl!

And Max made it right in time to see her performance after his last game. She was so happy!

Pretty sure Jordy is working on ear infection #2 of the season. Ugh.

But he’s still a happy little babe.

They love to make funny face pics.

And the sweetest sister about to put him to sleep.

And now… christmas overload!