1. Are we over butter boards? I’m hoping yes. Haven’t seen one in a while. It’s like they completely disappeared.

2. These chocolate raspberry cream scones sound delicious.

3. I’m ready to bake all the holiday cookies! I may start next week.

4. What podcasts have you listened to lately?? I’ve been listening to the wedding scammer and it’s pretty good.

5. Always want to entertain like Martha.

6. TV things!! I started watching Black Cake on hulu (it was one of my fave books last year) and oh my gosh, I think it’s SO good. I also really liked the ending of The Morning Show. I thought Jon Hamm was so good in it. Also still loving Lessons in Chemistry! Another favorite book of mine.

7. How to get rid of bad food smells in the kitchen. I always simmer some lemon and cinnamon sticks for a bit!

8. I realized last week that I still write words with hearts, forever solidifying my “I’m always 17” status.