october reads

Oh my gosh! Almost halfway through the month and here’s what I read last month! Moving just kicked my butt and I couldn’t get it posted. But on the bright side, I listened to a lot of books while unpacking.

Now I’m ready for all the holiday reads. What are you reading right now?!

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Mrs Nash’s Ashes – 5 stars

This was easily my favorite book of the month! So many of you said I’d love it and I did. The story follows a woman who travels with the ashes of her elderly friend, hoping to reunite her with her long lost love. It was SO good. She ends up traveling with an old highschool friend and there is chemistry and it’s just.so.good. Such a heart warming story!

Happiness Falls – 4 stars

This was in my book of the month box and I really liked it. It’s part mystery/part family drama and is so interesting, heart breaking, suspenseful and emotional. The story follows a Korean family in American and the father goes missing. It started a little slow for me but I ended up loving it.

Housemoms: a Novel – 3 stars

I haven’t read a Jen Lancaster book in so, so long!! This book was so fun. It follows two different women who end up in a predicament and need to find a job, which leads them to become sorority house moms. It also follows the daughter of one of them and the whole thing is just hilarious and fun. I did think there were a few unanswered questions, but otherwise I liked it.

The Woman In Me

I listened to this in practically one sitting – it’s heartbreaking and just utterly devastating. It made me feel the same way Matthew Perry’s memoir did – almost sick to my stomach listening at what was happening but I couldn’t stop. It’s just unbelievable how she was treated at the start of her career and everything she went through.

If You Would Have Told Me

I listened to this right after the Britney book. I grew up on Full House and absolutely loved John Stamos. I really enjoyed listening to this! I know some of the stories he mentions have been sort of debunked in the media lately, but I do like hearing about his career, his start, his family.

Calm Christmas and a Happy New Year

I listened to this one too! Oh I loved it. It’s such a great way to enter into the holiday season. It’s all about slowing down at Christmas (and in winter) and how to enjoy what the season is about – and what exactly it means to you. There is also a podcast!

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