50 weeks into the year!!

We had such a full, wonderful week. I can’t believe we did so much this week!

Got a tiny bit of snow that lasted like 5 minutes.

I want more snow every day in December!

I found Max reading like this. He stayed this way for, like, 10 minutes. What?!

Emilia had a super long theater practice on Monday night because it was the week of her play!

Speaking of, I went to the Mariah Carey christmas concert and oh my gosh…

I cannot!! I mean, it wasn’t the best concert I’ve ever been to, but given that I blast Mariah at least 3 days every week, AND that she sang a bunch of her non-holiday hits, I loved it. I was a total fangirl.

We celebrated St Nicholas Day!

I have never had a child run away from me in a store until Jordan in Target last Thursday. He’s so mischievous.

Went into Emilia’s class to build mini gingerbread houses!

Broke one of my fave eyeshadow palettes. Whomp whomp.

And then!!! Oh Friday we celebrated Max’s birthday.

His birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but HOW IS HE 9!!!! I cannot comprehend.

I don’t even know how this time has gone so fast.

Oreo buttercream in the cake!

Howwwww cute is my niece Lucy!!

Emilia’s outfit choice.

Cutest sweetest boy!

Baby snugs.

Saturday morning Max had a basketball game.

I cannot with the shorts and the socks!

We built gingerbread houses.

Don’t worry, I hot glue gunned them.

Jordan was SO into this. He say for well over an hour and was extremely focused in on placing the candy!

Mine and Jordy’s house!

Popcorn + movie night.

My best ever christmas tortellini salad.

And then today, Emilia had two shows! For their fall/christmas show, they performed The Star, which is the cutest movie/show ever.

She played a jewelry vendor.

And then Edith, the manger cow.

It was such a long day for her and she was the best!

The boys were excited to see her too.

And lots of flowers!!

Finally, some bedtime reading after this busy week. xoxoxo