I can’t even believe it’s 51 weeks into 2023.

I know! I sound like a broken record!

We started out Monday with Max’s actual birthday.

Our elf always leaves him a happy birthday sign.

These two cuties.

I mean…

Had another little low key bday celebration with ice cream sandwiches.

Around our advent spiral!

Emilia’s flowers from her show are the prettiest.

I made some homemade bread.

It makes me emotional – the incredible sunsets (and sunrises!) we see outside out windows everyday.

Emilia all ready for christmas crafts at school.

Poor Max got sick at this point in the week. He gets sick this week of his birthday every year! It’s crazy.

It’s hot chocolate season!

Still loving this every night. It’s such a nice tradition.

Look at that sky!!

Emilia and I started making cookie dough.

And I made these amazing seven layer cookies. SO GOOD.

She is a pro by now.

The knee pop!!! I cannot.

Once Max felt better, we decided to go get some fresh air!

Smile and say CHRISTMAS!

Jordan wearing Max’s coat from 7 years ago!

And my cutest boy.

We went to see the tree!

I am so ridiculously obsessed with my children. How did I get so lucky!!

Can you believe. it was 60 degrees out?!

Quick stop at the milkshake factory!

Baby’s first milkshake!

I think he liked it.


Chocolate for her too!

Then we went to see the Santas around the world. The kids love this!

Baked a little more this weekend.

Had another popcorn movie night!

Santa drove by on the fire truck!

And that was the week!