52 weeks into 2023! This is what it looked like.

Christmas magic all around!

At the start of the week I made charcuterie boxes for the teachers at school! I love doing this and surprising them with it one day.

It was also the kids’ christmas concert!

Sadly, Max missed out because he was still fighting the sickness he had last week. It was such a bummer.

We did finally get some snow!

And I helped with Emilia’s christmas party at school which was PJ day.

The next day or two, Eddie and Max coninued to feel under the weather so Emilia and I baked a lot of cookies.

The best!

Don’t worry, my car just became my holiday jewelry box for the week. So many activities.

The kids helped my mom finish up her christmas village.

And the tree!

And finally Max was on the mend!

I cannot with these three.

We decided to take Jordan on the train at the mall.

He loved it!

Pizza christmas forever.

P.S. this is what bedtime looks like most nights.

My first peppermint mocha in years.

Really going to miss the holiday attire in January!

We headed to Max’s hockey game.

Love watching him!

Biggest fan.

Baby Lucy came to her first game too!


Christmas Eve Eve!

Our advent spiral is still something we love.

Spent some time with baby cousin Mary.

And then Christmas Eve came!

Probably my favorite night of the whole year.

Happiest boy. I cut his hair again!

Made some lobster mac.

And then fun times with cousins!

Baby Sebastian is just edible.

Came home to throw oats for the reindeer!

And set out cookies that Jordy just wanted to eat.

Then woke up at the crack of dawn.

Listening to Santa’s letter!

And opening all the gifts.

I made the croissant breakfast bake.

And creme brûlée french toast!

AND fresh orange juice.

Max has been reading nonstop. He also got a kindle to read on the go!

Christmas day festivities!

It was 60 degrees and bright and sunny!! Hence the squints.

This baby opening gifts was the highlight.

He was so excited!!

Aperol spritz on christmas night.

Merry merry!

And cuddling baby Lucy.

The most adorable!!

Max’s favorite person on earth is my brother.

And today has been a nonstop PJ day! Happy holidays!