1. How stunning is this candy cane cake roll?!

2. This homemade eggnog latte has been incredible. I do a shot of espresso, some eggnog over ice and a splash of vanilla creamer. Oh my GOSH.

3. I got this milk frother and it makes incredible cold foam! I cannot get enough.

4. I’m in such a huge baking mood and can’t even wait to bake cookies! Have to wrap a giant project before I start, but I might make some doughs today.

5. How to host the best cookie exchange. The only thing I don’t like to do is combine all the cookies together. They all end up tasting the same then.

6. I’m on the fence about peppermint bark. Love or hate?

7. TV things!! I started watching My Life with the Walter Boys which is cute.

8. What’s the #1 gift you’ve got your parents for the holidays?!

9. Next year, having a favorite things party is high up on my list. I think they seem so fun!