First day of 2024!!

New day, new year!!

Oh man. We continued to fight sickness this whole week! So we spent the entire week at home, just hanging out.

We had lots of movie nights – Emilia’s favorite!

Max got a kindle for christmas and when I tell you I didn’t think he could possibly read more… oh my gosh. He is reading NONSTOP every day. Right now reading through the whole diary of a wimpy kid series (which he has even already read! haha.).

He also had a fun hockey camp!

New sourdough starter for the win.

Cookies for daysssss.

This weekend we finally got celebrate christmas with my side since no one was sick!

Cutest cousins.

Jordan unwrapping gifts this year was my favorite thing. He got SO excited!!!

My mom got all the girls boots, boas and headbands!

Super cute!

For NYE we had friends over and made homemade pizzas.

Baby BFFs.

And for the first time, we did a countdown at 5pm. It was great.

Party time!

Sparkling grape juice with gummy bears!

This was super cute.

I made my mom’s old school oreo ice cream dessert. This is one of the first recipes I ever posted. The post is horrific, FYI. I need to update!

Everyone went to bed and Max BEGGED to stay up until 12. He made it! We both read our books until the clock struck midnight, then we watched the ball drop.

And we woke up to snow!

My parents also got Emilia a book on Taylor Swift’s eras tour outfits. So now she calls these her taylor swift boots! We rented the movie and watched it and she looked through her book the whole time.

This is all I made to eat today. Ha!

And now it’s full speed ahead into 2024! So sad this holiday break is coming to an end. Time is so fleeting with these babies!