tuesday things

1. It was 87 degrees here yesterday! Why must we go from 50 to 87? Whomp whomp. I’m happy at a nice little 65.

2. Oh my goodness: strawberry crunch sheet cake! This looks phenomenal.

3. I tried the starbucks lavender latte the other day and was so pleasantly surprised! I still think mine is better, but it was pretty darn good.

4. Divine intervention: I dropped my key fob in a giant gravel parking lot at a greenhouse and had no idea! It wasn’t until I was checking out and someone brought up a key fob that I checked for mine and realized it was gone. Crazy moments.

5. TV things! I watched Baby Reindeer and just thought it was nuts and disturbing, but not scary. Still loving Palm Royale – everyone is so great in it! Josh Lucas kills me.

6. Also, who else lived for watching MTV spring break as a kid? My brother and I couldn’t wait… we would get so excited. It was basically people dancing at a beach club with music. Ha. And I bet I was 11 years old, wanting to watch it.

7. Less clutter = more happiness.

8. I keep referencing my summer essentials list now that it’s warmer out. I may make an updated one this year!

9. Trying my hand at growing cilantro again. Tips please.