tuesday things

1. Cereal milk tiramisu is calling my name. Oh my gosh.

2. This week’s snack: olives, cheddar, raincoast crisps.

3. Also, cereal throwbacks. Remember oatmeal crisp? I loved that!

4. Oh my gosh – this wash the garbage method is something that Eddie and I live by. Always have!

5. TV things!! Palm Royale is getting wackier. Is it just me? Haha. I mean I love the cast so much and the setting and fashion but, like, what is going on?!

6. The Met Gala faves!! Oh my gosh – J Lo! Mindy Kaling. Zendaya! SJP! I loved them all.

7. An easy habit to bring peace. I want to get back into this!

8. Just FYI, I have a “weeknight meal list” in the notes on my phone and it saves my dinner life weekly.

9. 100% in the thick of Maycember over here. I love it but can also barely keep my eyeballs open!