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What I Read In April 2024.

april reads

The best time of the reading year is here!!!!

I started reading a few of my very favorite authors new books. I’m also trying to figure out if I can reread all of Elin’s books before her final novel this June! Might be quite the stretch, haha. Maybe I read a few and listen to the rest all day? We shall see!

Let me know what you’re reading below!

I do have a book of the month membership – I love it so much. That’s where I got a few books from this month. I get so many of my new releases and debut author books there. You can sign up for one here.

All of these books are linked through bookshop (if available!) and I highly suggest shopping through there because it will support your local indie bookstore. You can choose the local bookstore to support! I support Penguin Books when I buy which is my fave here in Pittsburgh.


Just For The Summer – 5 stars

Oh my gosh, just loved this one. I love everything by Abby Jimenez that I read. The story follows a man and woman who try to break their “curse” – the curse of every person they break up with finding their soulmate right after their relationship. They figure if they date each other, it will break the curse. This is so fun and cute, I absolutely love Abby’s writing, how much depth her characters have and how her stories are light and easy but still have real meaning.

Funny Story – 4.75 stars

Another major fave!! Emily Henry could write anything and I’d automatically purchase it. This story follows a man and woman who have significant others that leave them for each other. There is forced proximity and fake dating, two tropes I love. It’s such a great read and classic Emily Henry – the writing and the banter is unmatched! Beach Read and Book Lovers are still my top two of hers, but this has moved right behind them.

A Fire So Wild – 2.5 stars

This was a book of the month pick for me. I wanted to love it but found myself struggling through it. The story is about a California community that is torn apart by wildfires. I’ve seen everywhere that people thought it was similar to Little Fires Everywhere – and it was! But almost in the way that I kept comparing it, and I loved Little Fires Everywhere so much.

A Long Time Coming – 3.5 stars

I love reading a Meghan Quinn book at night during the week to turn my brain off. I don’t mean that in a negative way – they are easy and light to read and the fun storyline, funny characters and inevitable conflict right before the end always suck me in. This one follows a man and woman who are best friends – he is essentially her man of honor once she is engaged. Of course, they may be falling in love too. It’s cute!

Those Three Little Words – 3 stars

This one took me a bit longer to get through. I actually liked the story and the characters but the main girl – oh man, she was a little nutty. The story follows a one night stand between a girl and her brother’s best friend. She gets pregnant and the story goes from there. Her outlandish pregnancy hormones were a little funny but also a little exaggerated. Still made for a quick, fun read.

Sylvia’s Second Act – 4 stars

I got this in my book of the month box too and it was super cute. The story follows a woman who finds her husband of almost 50 years having an affair with someone in their Florida retirement community. It jolts her into realizing she wants out, so she and her best friend move to NYC. It’s hilarious and adorable and endearing. So happy and light hearted.

(This is not sponsored but there are a few bookshop and/or affiliate links above! Thank you for reading!)

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    3 Comments on “What I Read In April 2024.”

  1. I re-read all of Elins! I started in January and just started 5star weekend last night. I’m so sad it’s over! Reading them back to back in quick succession was awesome- there are so many Easter eggs and winks back to previous characters in every book. I’ll be heartbroken when I finish swan song 

  2. I am not emotionally prepared to read Elin’s last book or reread all of her previous ones. I’m glad she’s writing a book with her daughter but I will be grieving her books for a long time!

  3. I’m love with the covers!!!