Many days I suffer from ‘cooker’s block.’

I want to cook, but have no idea what I want. And more than wanting to cook, I want to eat.

Cooking is just a vehicle.

Over the past few months, I have made multiple recipes that I have found on blogs.

I wanted to document them to show you some of the delicious recipes out there that we are loving.

I’ve made the high-fiber marshmallow treats from Estela, and we absolutely love these.

They are basically a high-fiber rice krispy treat. Mr. How Sweet loves rice krispy treats. He loves that so much, that often he take down the entire pan immediately after I make them.

I tried to warn him that it would not be good idea to eat this entire pan in one sitting, considering the bars are full of FIBER.

Yeah, that didn’t go over so well.

I have made the healthy boneless buffalo strips from Active Foodie probably 5 or 6 times by now.

We LOVE these. Mr. How Sweet asks for them every week. You can’t even tell that these are a lightened-up version of a classic.

One of my other favorite’s is better-than-bottled balsamic dressing from Angela.

We know I hate veggies, but I do love an occasional salad. I would probably eat more salads, but have never really found a dressing I love. I tend to often use only vinegar because I love the tartness.

This is my new go-to dressing. I love it! If you make a big batch for the entire week, it also seasons day by day and gets more delicious.

Just this weekend, I made some crunchy quinoa granola from Ashley.

I can’t keep my hands out of this stuff. It is addicting.

Is there a new recipe that you can’t stay away from? What recipes have you come across on a blog that you just can’t live without?

Please share!

Have a great Sunday. :)