I can’t even begin to describe the state of my kitchen the last 2 days. Or the state of my mixer.

I am never, ever, ever going to get that thing clean.

This morning, it looked like this outside.

What better to do all day than stay indoors and bake?

All of that butter went to good use yesterday – between that and this morning I ended up with nearly 10 bowls of cookie dough in the beer fridge.

My stand mixer has been worked to the bone.

[stuffed much?]

[i sort of ran out of bowls to fit the dough in]

[25lbs. serious business.]

[you know things get serious when one breaks out the shortening]

[i think i inhaled a bit too much cocoa powder. really.]

[save me]

Dough overload. There is even cookie dough on the ceiling. I can’t reach it.

I broke around noon to head out and shovel the driveway. I left the kitchen in disarray because, well… I’m lazy and will do anything to avoid cleaning it.

I stuffed my yoga pants into these socks and threw on some earmuffs.

The neighbors think I’m the epitome of a fashionista.

Fueled by flour, sugar and raw eggs, I cleared the wrap-around driveway and watched snow pile up on it immediately after I finished a square.

Why do we shovel? It’s like making a bed.

Then I made a sandwich with the last of the leftovers from the meal Mr. How Sweet made. That meal was so delicious that I am still thinking about.

First batch of cookies just went into the oven!