I know I told you last week that I was obsessed with soup, but I’ve moved on. I’m fickle. I’m dramatic.

This week, I’m wrapped up in risotto.

And this risotto is so delicious, that I wish that was a literal statement.

Let’s talk about texture. There is a ton of texture in this risotto. Texture is imperative for my sanity. And my taste buds. Creamy, crunchy, chewy.

While it is brand new, this is by far one of my favorite combinations. I know… I say that all the time. I just can’t help myself! Trust me. Yep, I say that all the time too. But it’s true. Juicy apples, sweet onions, dry white wine, parmesan cheese… I could go on and on. It’s like all of my favorite things meshed together into one perfect dish. Except I have lots of favorite things.

It kind of looks like oatmeal, doesn’t it? But it is so much better.

And it has cheese. Really, could there be anything more to love?
It is still a savory dish, but the apples pack a sweet punch. I love the apple and cheese combination so it doesn’t get much better for me.

I also think you could successfully add some chicken or even shrimp and get away with a fabulous meal, especially if you have one of those husbands like I do.
I left it as a side dish and had some with my mouth watering roasted chicken.

Apple Risotto with Toasted Pecans

adapted from Sur La Table Things Cooks Love (Risotto with Apples and Hazelnuts)

serves 2-4

1 green apple, cored and chopped

1/2 sweet onion, chopped

2 tablespoons butter

3/4 cup arborio rice

1 1/2 cups white wine

2-3 cups chicken or vegetable stock (or more if needed)

1/3 cup parmesan cheese

1/2 cup pecans, chopped

salt and pepper to taste

chopped parsley to garnish

Heat a saucepan over medium heat and add 1 tablespoon of butter. Add apples and onions with a pinch of salt, and saute until soft, about 8 minutes, stirring occasionally. Once soft, add the other tablespoon of butter, push the apples and onions to the side, and add rice. Toast rice for about 1 minute, then add wine. Simmer over medium-low heat until rice absorbs wine, then add chicken stock about 1 cup at a time, following the same rule. Stir constantly, making sure nothing is sticking to the bottom. After all the liquid has been added, taste to see if rice is cooked enough for your liking. If not, add more and repeat the process. In the meantime, add the chopped pecans to a small skillet and toast over low heat for about 4-5 minutes, occasionally shaking the pan.

Once rice is finished, stir in most of the pecans, reserving some for garnish. Top with chopped parsley and remaining pecans and serve.

So… who’s coming over for lunch?