Remember when getting 12 inches of snow used to be fun?

Then I quit my job and became the official How Sweet snow shoveler. Mr. How Sweet gives me a solid “B.” I’m hoping this means I’m relieved of the role of official How Sweet lawn cutter.

Our Christmas tree is still up. I attempted to take it down right after New Year’s, but my mom caught wind of that and told me to keep it up so she could see it. That was well over a week ago.

I turn it on every night because the lighting in our family room is so dim that I can’t see a thing. I wonder if this means I’m getting old? The tree is coming down tonight. (Maybe.)

I made some really gourmet mac ‘n cheese today. Like… really gourmet.


And then I topped an Oreo with some frosting.

Because Oreos just aren’t indulgent enough.

I’ve been listening to the Jersey Boys soundtrack for 7 hours, consequently belting every song.

Now I’m losing my voice. Mr. How Sweet won’t mind. I never stop talking.

I’ve also taken 18 naps.