For nearly a year, I’ve been debating sharing our weekly dinner plans with you. After all, if there is one thing that I can never get enough of, it’s dinner suggestions! Regardless of what I’m cooking during the week, I love to see what others are having for dinner. It inspires me.

The reason this never came to fruition? I’m unorganized. I’m fickle. I’m lazy. I’m a rebel.

Being that we don’t yet have children, we rarely stick to a dinner plan… and I love that. We have no reason to be regimented with our evening schedules. I also find that dinner inspiration strikes me most during the day after reading blogs. I tend to find a meal that I must make rightthisverysecond. Perhaps this is the reason that we already have 7 trips to the grocery store in January. FYI: It’s only January 9th.

So this is my compromise. I’ve created a page detailing our dinners from the past week and will update it at the end of every week. This way, there’s no changing/rearranging the schedule, and I don’t throw a tantrum because I’m not forced to stick to anything. I don’t do well with rules.

You can find the What We Ate page under my Fitness tab, because, well… I have no where else to put it. Until How Sweet It Is gets the facelift it so desperately needs, What We Ate doesn’t have another home.

I hope you guys love this page and it saves you from the “don’t-know-what-to-have-for-dinner” rut. Coming tomorrow – a delicious twist on a classic!