2011 has been all about stepping outside the box.

I’ve made risotto with fruit, homemade naan, bacon granola bars, chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed cinnamon rolls, plus a slew of other recipes I probably wouldn’t have attempted if it wasn’t for this site.  I even roasted a chicken. And I definitely didn’t think I’d ever find myself making homemade fruit leather.

But since I would single-handedly devour a 12-pack of fruit roll-ups as a kid, I knew it had to be done. I think my roommate and I even had a 48-pack of fruit roll-ups in college… that lasted a week, maybe? Oops. And we all know how much I love my fruit leather from Trader Joe’s.

The thing about fruit leather is that it is incredibly easy! Much simple than I ever thought.

And it only contains four ingredients. Yes… four. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Head on over to the Tasty Kitchen blog to get the step-by-step recipe. This is so delicious that we devoured it in one day!