Tonight’s dinner will be very fitting for the day. I texted Mr. How Sweet about dinner this morning.

His response perfectly describes what our conversations have looked like for the last week. Well, except this one.

I’ve started greasing my cake pans with butter and flour again. The last few years I have been a big cheater, using only non-stick baking spray. But I’ve decided I’m not doing that anymore. There is something I love about buttering up a cake pan. It’s probably since I really pretend it’s 1962 every time I’m in the kitchen.

This is one of our shatterproof glasses that we got for our wedding.

Not so shatterproof, eh?

Mr. How Sweet came home with four pounds of animal crackers yesterday.

Add these to the list of things he eats everyday.

I’ve had James Taylor on repeat for the last five hours. Except for that one Kenny Loggins song I needed to hear righthisminute.

You know you use too many sprinkles when you find them in every nook and cranny possible.

This was like… six days after my last sprinkles usage. I need sprinkles rehab.

I’m off to fry steak. I’m gonna set a tub of Crisco on my counter to set the mood.