Sometimes I like to be domestic. [When “domestic” doesn’t mean doing laundry or cleaning bathrooms.]

Aren’t your vegetables supposed to take up like, half of your meal or something? Whatever.

Tonight we had chicken, whipped sweet + yukon potatoes, and blueberry balsamic brussels sprouts.

Guess what?! This week, I’m going to show you how I roast my chickens. You know, since I’ve been roasting them practically once a week. I am pretty obsessed. It will probably bore you to tears. Oh! And that blueberry balsamic syrup I mentioned the other night? It is just blueberry balsamic vinegar reduced in a saucepan. I didn’t make my own with blueberries and actual vinegar. I’m lazy.

But not too lazy to make dessert. Which was probably the best dessert we’ve ever had.

Whole wheat cookie cups with vanilla ice cream.

I sort of threw it together at the last minute… but if you’re intrigued I will try to remake it again and share. It was the most delicious thing ever but now I feel like I have to go run 20 miles. I should probably stop eating like I’m about to hibernate. This week I will eat apples. Lots and lots of apples.


P.S. -> all of your dinners sound amazing too!