It’s officially summer now, right?


Well… okay… June 21st or whatever. But still… it’s summer. It went from 45 to 90 degrees in a matter of days and the back of my legs will now stick to every single chair I sit on until October 1st. Sexy. Sexy summer. It’s summer.


Sweet. Let’s do this thing.

Raise your hand if you like mojitos!

I wish I had 34 hands. For reals.

Actually… you’d think I did have 34 hands for the amount of mojitos I drank this weekend. Mint + rum? Totally my thing. Dehydration? Not my thing. Mr. How Sweet drinking 6 mojitos then going to bed without a Breathe Right save-my-marriage nose strip? Also not my thing. Snore city. He was banished to the couch.

Then I made up for it the next day because I combined a million juicy melon chunks and fresh mint and a bunch of lime spritzes and piled it high on salty pita chips. Some days we drink our mojitos and other days we eat them. I love balance.



Mojito Melon Salsa

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  • Combine all ingredients in a bowl and add lime juice, salt and pepper. Mix thoroughly and serve with chips of your choice. I also think this would be fabulous on tacos!

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