1. I did something really dumb. I dipped a pretzel in the Trader Joe’s salted caramel. I don’t even like pretzels. Now all I have is a jar with pretzels sticks sinking like quick sand, a sticky keyboard and a new addiction.

2. Speaking of addictions, I also like drinking those iced mochas. And I don’t like coffee either.

3. So far, you’ve learned that I don’t like pretzels and I don’t like coffee, yet I keep eating them. Why isn’t this possible with vegetables?

4. I don’t like broccoli at all. I just had to tell you.

5. This is rapidly becoming a depressing list. So I will tell you things I do love: shoes, chocolate, sprinkles, cheese, shoes and mascara. And big hair.

6. We had dark chocolate + blueberry pancakes this weekend. They were good. (And healthy.)

7. The weather is sort of weird. It is now 95 degrees. It totally skipped the 50s through the 80s. And I’m sunburnt. But I don’t like when people talk about the weather so I’m going to stop.

8. I ended up ordering the first Anthropologie suit and it’s not as cute as I’d hoped. I sort of look like a lump in it. But I’m currently obsessed with sweetheart neckline strapless one pieces with giant sunglasses. I want to be Jackie O and Elizabeth Taylor. Without all those marriages and other… stuff.

9. You know what I’m saying?