1. I pronounce Wednesday just like that. And I also say qui-noh-ah.


2. In the last week, I’ve broken 3 glasses that I love and my favorite vase. What does this mean? Is my world crumbling? Should I play the lottery?


3. I still can’t get enough of the royal wedding or Kate Middleton. I’m a dreamer and a hopeless romantic. I’m also not a realist, in case you haven’t noticed. I’ve been stalking this site for the last few weeks. I need a life.


4. If you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, may I please suggest this, this, this or these. And those all need washed down with a gigantic slice of this. Who needs fried ice cream?


5. I’m roasting another chicken tonight. And you can’t stop me.


6. My workouts have been awfully boring this week due to my iPod that thinks it knows me and thinks I want to hear Dirty Bit every five minutes. What is on your current playlist?


7. I’m eating my vegetables!

I know there are very important things going on in the world this week, but I figured you’re probably concerned about my greenery intake. I don’t even think edamame is a vegetable. I know nothing.