Being home from vacation isn’t that bad.

It’s nice not to be lubed up with sunscreen and covered in a layer of sand.

Instead I’ve traded that for a lovely layer of peeling skin. Especially on my scalp. It looks really hot.

Mr. How Sweet bought filet and sweet potatoes to make me dinner last night… then we fell asleep at 7pm.

So we’re eating the filet tonight. Or tomorrow.

Mainly because I just ruined my appetite with a gooey one of these.

I like being back in the kitchen.

I made something today so delicious that I can’t stop eating it. Soon enough I will need to be removed from this house by crane.

I have a realllllly sore throat. But you are all super smart and gave me suggestions of what to do on Facebook.

The only suggestion I will probably listen to is to have a milkshake. It’s national vanilla milkshake day!

Is there anything better than sleeping in your own bed? I think not.

Even when you sleep next to a jet engine snorer.

Today is the first day in 6 days I didn’t have an ice cream cone with sprinkles.

Maybe that’s why my throat hurts.

Yep. That’s definitely it.