1. I dropped a full container of fresh mozzarella pearls on the kitchen floor today, not once, but twice. Don’t worry. I still ate them.

2. Mr. How Sweet made some pancakes on Sunday morning, which happened to be one of the first times my appetite returned. Whole wheat pancakes with dark chocolate chips and bursting blueberries. Tasty. Oh. And he COOKED THEM IN BACON GREASE. Without any ideas from me.


3. Sinus Infection 2011 has now turned into Hacking Cough 2011 that keeps me up all night. I am so grateful for E! and their replays of Sex and the City from 2-4AM. Because I really need to watch it for the billionth time, especially with everything bleeped out.


4. I went to the gym at a really weird time yesterday and it just so happened that no one was there. Good thing too, with all the hacking and nose blowing and attractive things that I always love about sick people in the gym. I made up a new circuit on impulse that I might share tomorrow. Then I came home and cried. And coughed for 38 straight minutes.


5. I made these oatmeal cookies on Sunday for our food feast but mixed in peanut butter and stuffed mini peanut butter cups inside. I think you should do this.


6. Want a fun 4th of July dessert? Funfetti cupcakes with red, white and blue sprinkles! Do it.


7. Ummm… is it seriously almost the 4th of July? what.the.heck. Who is the monster that is eating time?


8. I think someone should buy me these.


9. And then make me these. I’m insanely obsessed with them but we all know I lack the main ingredient… patience.