I just came back from an amazing, inspirational, motivational, life-changing week spent in Austin for the IACP. I’m over-stimulated. Hungry. Exhausted. And still sweating. But before I crawl under the covers and elbow my husband in the head for the next 8 hours, I wanted to share some new-to-me blogs of great people I met. Who doesn’t love more reading material?

I was welcomed by Gaby, Aida and Lillian – all awesome girls who are lots of fun.

I also spent some time with…







… who I just love to pieces. You must, must, must check out their blogs. I’m currently trying to figure out a way to kidnapĀ Nikki and have her live with me so she can take all of my recipe photos.

Time to crash and sleep for the rest of my life. Tell me – how was your week?!