Sometimes I think bloggers seem like celebrities.

Okay… some bloggers are celebrities.

But besides that, sometimes they seem invincible right? They appear to have a perfect “everything” and not a bad hair day in sight. I know you know what I’m saying. You know?

But guess what… bloggers are just people! People… with heads and arms and legs. Really. It’s weird. I know.


A few weeks ago, Susan from The Great Balancing Act was shockingly diagnosed with Lymphoma. Not only is Susan an awesome gal, but she’s healthy too. Like… really healthy. I have always admired the balance she has found with living a healthy life that doesn’t just consist of oatmeal and spinach. You know that’s my kinda thing. And it just blows my mind that she is still writing through this.

Janetha has organized a bake sale and auction for Susan conveniently titled The Great Fundraising Act. And let me tell you – it is great. Over 100 bloggers and companies are auctioning off some major (and delicious) items this coming Monday.

I’m donating the above:  a batch of better-than-crack brownies, a fresh jar of dark chocolate macaroon toasted almond butter, a few Trader Joe’s goodies and a gift card to Anthropologie. I’ll be reminding you of the auction come Monday, but for now you can read more details here. If you’d like to simply send a monetary donation to Susan, you can do so here.


In the meantime, I’d love it if you’d hop on over to Susan’s blog and read her amazing words since she has embarked upon this journey. It’s pretty darn inspiring and will remind you to feel blessed for every breath you take.